Elite Head Breeding Enterprise

One of Russia's largest enterprises for production and sale the seed of the bulls-producers – it traces its history back to 1977, when the Kazan artificial insemination station for farm animals was transformed into the Republican Organization for Artificial Insemination of farm Animals


History of the creation and development of the company

The history of the GPP Elite dates back to 1977, when the Kazan artificial Insemination Station for farm animals was transformed into the Republican Organization for Artificial Insemination. Half a century of experience in breeding and breeding work and advanced technologies have helped turn GPP Elite into one of the largest and most modern enterprises for the production, freezing and sale of sperm products of breeding bulls of Holstein, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Simmental and other cattle breeds. The company's specialists aim to increase the genetic potential of domestic cattle.

Information about the scope and direction of the company's activities

The choice of our company
JSC GPP Elite is one of the largest enterprises in Russia for the production and sale of bull seed producers with a wealth of experience in breeding work. Today, the main task of the company is the production of highly fertile seed from world–bred bulls from the USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. We create a highly productive and healthy herd for you by increasing the genetic potential of your animals.
Our quality
Our sperm products are manufactured using the latest technologies and go through all stages of quality control. The highest quality of each dose of sperm products produced in JSC GPP Elite confirms the existence of a certificate of compliance with the Federal State Budgetary Institution VGNKI. All bulls were tested for carrying gene abnormalities, haplotypes, and the ease of calving daughters.
Our results
Record-breaking cows with excellent appearance, health and dairy productivity are born from our breeding bulls. The productivity of mothers and daughters of bulls ranges from 10,000 to 24,000 kg of milk, fat content from 3.6% to 4.5%, protein content from 3.0 to 4.0%. Daughters born from our bulls become winners of contests and agro-industrial exhibitions.

Plans and objectives of the company

Today JSC GPP Elite improves genetics, which is the main factor in the growth of dairy and meat productivity of farm animals. We are reliably provided with our own highly genetic biomaterial, so we can allow our livestock farms to feel confident. For our company, the main task is customer support. The task of reproducing the herd while increasing its productivity can be successfully solved with the help of specialists from GPP Elite.

Advantages of Elite


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