Our Company

Parent enterprise «Elita»

Independently our company started working in 1977. The main object was and still remains improvement of product quality of the cattle by adoption of artificial insemination using the most high-value bulls sperm into the cattle-breeding.

These years there had been frozen more than 30 millions doses of sperm, and 3.5 millions of them belong to improving bulls, there had been evaluated 735 heads of producting bulls, 49% of which was acknowledged as improving bulls. Starting from 2006 our company freezes bulls sperm by european technologies using 4th-generation equipment of french company IMV tehnologis. Due to this technology insemination of cows and heifers the expense of sperm per one fruitful insemination decreased 1.5-2 times, so the economic efficiency increased. Due to it the ability of exchanging the sperm products of the best producting bulls from abroad becomes possible.