Artificial insemination

"Elita" provides a full range of services for artificial insemination - from consultations to the insemination procedure with a trip to the place for both the agricultural enterprises of the republic and the private sector

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Laboratory for packing and freezing of seed

Since 2006, the breeding enterprise has frozen the seed of bulls using European technology, using special equipment of the 4th generation, produced in France by the IMV company. In parallel with it, the seed of the most highly valued bulls is packed in alpha payets on the newest Isevo alpha equipment. Thanks to this technology, the seed consumption for one fruitful insemination is reduced 1.5-2 times and economic efficiency increases accordingly, it becomes possible to exchange sperm production from the best producing bulls from abroad, and the quality of the seed improves dramatically

Laboratory of immunogenetic examination of Elite

Laboratory benefits

Low price

Low price

Accessibility for farmers with small livestock


A complex approach

The ability to simultaneously purchase related products: tools, equipment for items of artificial insemination, nitrogen and advice on artificial insemination of farm animals


Convenient location

Proximity to dairy farms


Transparent activities

The opportunity to see with your own eyes the bulls assigned to your farms


Advanced equipment

The use of high-tech equipment in the production of seed: filling machine Alpha seed analyzer for assessing the quality of sperm, a synthetic diluent


Bulls world breeding

Presence of bulls of world selection from the USA, Germany, Holland, Canada, etc


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