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The main objective of the enterprise is to improve the productive qualities of cattle by introducing artificial insemination methods using the semen of the most high-valued bulls.

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Laboratory for packing and freezing of seed

Since 2006, the breeding enterprise has frozen the seed of bulls using European technology, using special equipment of the 4th generation, produced in France by the IMV company. In parallel with it, the seed of the most highly valued bulls is packed

Лаборатория иммуногенетической экспертизы

Laboratory of Milk Quality Selection Control and Immunogenetic examination

The laboratory for breeding milk quality controls includes: the CombiFoss ™ 7 system, which combines MilkoScan ™ 7 RM and Fossomatic ™ 7, which allows you to simultaneously examine fat, protein, casein, lactose, dry residue, urea

Laboratory of Milk Quality Selection Control

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