Laboratory of milk quality selection control

The laboratory of milk quality control has: CombiFoss™ 7 system, which combines MilkoScan™ 7 RM and Fossomatic™ 7, allowing simultaneous examination of fat, protein, casein, lactose, dry residue, urea, freezing point reduction, pH, ketosis screening (according to BTB and acetone) and the number of somatic cells, with a capacity of 400 samples/hour.


Animal health and balanced diet

Systemic changes in metabolism (ketosis, acidosis)

Chemical composition

Collecting a phenotype for the daughters of bulls

Breast health monitoring

Breast health monitoring

Somatic cells

Advantages of the laboratory

Availability of the service
Availability of services for all forms of farms in Tatarstan and the Volga region regions: low price, convenient geographical location
High-performance equipment
Availability of high-performance Combi-FOSS equipment and the ability to get the results of the analysis within 1 hour
High quality
It is realistic to use the results of milk analysis to compile cow diets on farms