Grow together! Future specialists visit the State Enterprise "Elita"

Студенты ГПП Элита

Student practice is an invaluable opportunity to consolidate and expand your knowledge gained during training, apply it in practice directly in production conditions and try your hand at the chosen profession.

The parent breeding enterprise "Elita" is interested in the fact that future specialists understand what they will have to work with after graduating from university, what difficulties and processes they will face, in what conditions the working day and labor activity will take place and how they can interact with each other ...

Good specialists with a real idea of ​​their profession and a high level of competence are always valuable. Today, most employers are interested in the fact that a specialist who has recently graduated from a university already has some kind of work experience. And the State Enterprise "Elita" is undoubtedly interested in such employees. That is why the team of the company for the second time provides the 4th year students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after E.N. Bauman the opportunity to visit the parent breeding enterprise.

At the enterprise, students study the basics of keeping bulls-producers, methods of breeding farm animals, get acquainted with the work of laboratories for selection control of milk quality for packaging and freezing of semen, quality control of feed. Children have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in practice, expand their understanding of the profession, ask questions, develop teamwork skills, as well as study technology and equipment.

“We give them excursions, classes on genetics, breeding farm animals, show them special breeds of bulls, and give them the opportunity to participate in the processes of the enterprise ourselves. All this contributes to their growth, and we grow together with them, doing a good job, ”comments Fannur Zaripov, General Director of JSC“ GPP “ELITA”.

SPP "Elita" gladly welcomes young specialists, because it knows that theory and practice are two completely different things. Students are always a fresh wave, a new look and bright minds. Sometimes their questions give specialists a reason for reflection, and they grow with them.

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