Quality comes first

Quality comes first

Why should you treat milk especially carefully?

In Russia, the raw milk analysis system is far from ideal. Indeed, there are too few independent laboratories, farmers do not trust either producers or bodies that control the quality of milk. And the producers and livestock owners themselves are more likely to chase quantity than quality. In this regard, Russia lags far behind the West, where a well-established milk quality control system has appeared and is functioning a long time ago.

The existing system in Russian reality lacks transparency, round-robin tests and reporting can lead to the fact that quality control will reach a new level, and farmers will trust the results they receive.

Milk quality analysis affects not only the good work of farmers and the health of future consumers, but also the health of the herd itself.

Milk contains a huge amount of trace elements, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus. Each element is responsible for certain indicators and is able to provide comprehensive information not only about the product, but also about the livestock.

Breeding cows is a delicate matter that requires special attention. Qualitative analysis of milk using high-tech machines indicates the weaknesses of animals, their diseases, errors in feeding the herd, hygiene violations.

Thus, one of the most important quality indicators is the content of a large number of somatic cells in it, which are an indicator of the health of the animal whose products are being examined. The large content of somatic cells indicates that this is a sick animal.

A large number of bacteria in milk also indicates that there are certain violations in the nutrition of animals or in their content.

JSC "GPP "Elite" very carefully monitors its livestock. In order to keep everything under control, we regularly monitor the quality of milk and feed. Our laboratory of immunogenetic examination and selection control of milk quality is equipped with a high-tech system that allows you to simultaneously examine the entire composition, including trace elements.

Since it is in our interests to preserve transparency, quality and reputation, we take a particularly careful and scrupulous approach to such issues.

JSC "GPP "Elite" wants Russia to reach a new level, and contributes to the development of this system.

Natalia Galchenko

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