Professional skill contests

Professional skill contests

On May 28 and 29, competitions were held for operators of machine milking and artificial insemination of cattle in Baltasinsky and Nurlatsky districts.

In the first part of the competition, its participants answered theoretical questions. In the second, practical, part of the milkmaid completed the task of disassembling and assembling the milking machine, milking cows, technologists for the reproduction of the herd of cattle showed their skills in artificial insemination.

According to the results of the competition, Notfullina Gulnaz from the Kyzyl Yul agricultural plant won the 1st place among masters of machine milking, Ilnar Akhmadiyev (Alga LLC) won among the operators for artificial insemination of cattle, Nina Petrova (Duslyk Ltd) won the 2nd place , 3rd - Ilfak Falyakhutdinov (Bornak LLC). All winners and participants were awarded certificates of honor and valuable prizes.

The event was attended by the head of the district Ramil Notfullin, the head of the state institution “GSAU breeding business in animal husbandry MSR & T RT”, the head and specialists of the “Head breeding enterprise“ Elita ”JSC, the head and specialists of the agricultural department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, livestock equipment of agricultural enterprises.

16 milkmaids and 13 technologists demonstrated their theoretical and practical knowledge on the basis of the summer camp of the Upper Nurlat sete LLC.

A panel of judges composed of specialists from the Department of Agriculture and Foodstuffs, the district veterinary association and the head breeding enterprise “Elita” assessed the participants' readiness. As a result, Elena Vasilyeva from IRS AF LLC became the winner among machine milking operators. Among technologists on the reproduction of the herd, Pavel Starkov from SEC “Voskhod” rose to the first step of the pedestal. Gumer Yusupov from KFH "AI Suleymanov" won the second place, in third place - Svetlana Morozova from LLC "Nurlat sete". Milkmaid from Nurlat Sete LLC Gulchachak Bakirova received a special prize as “The youngest milking machine operator”.

Winners and prize-winners were awarded by the deputy head of the Nurlatsky municipal district Ilyas Akhmetzyanov. They received diplomas and cash awards. The organizers also prepared cash certificates for all participants.

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