Interference with the gene code

Interference with the gene code

Is it possible to influence the sex of offspring

In the summer of 2020, scientists from the University of California at Davis made a number of attempts to change the gene code of the future offspring of cows. In August, a bull with an altered gene was born for the first time. The SRY gene was embedded in the seventeenth chromosome of the calf — it determines the sex of the future offspring.

Usually this gene is located on the Y chromosome, but thanks to genetic engineers, it ended up on the calf's X chromosome. In the future, this will allow you to influence the sex of the future offspring of this particular calf.

Such an experiment is carried out with the aim of breeding an exclusively male herd. According to statistics, breeding males is much more profitable for animal husbandry. Bulls gain weight faster and give more meat, which is much more expedient from the point of view of the economy of the enterprise. If the experiment goes well, it will be possible to breed cows that are completely identical to bulls in terms of development, and further changes to the genetic code of animals.

"In addition to economic privileges, an all-male herd is much more environmentally friendly for meat farming," comments the main researcher, the head of this project, Alison L. Van Enennam, who has been breeding transgenic animals for many years— - The gene that we managed to transfer from the Y chromosome to the X chromosome is the main one in the male Y chromosome. Such cases are also known among people - nature makes mistakes and embeds SRY into the X chromosome. This affects the appearance and reproductive function of a person, these people are infertile. Having a female set of chromosomes, they look similar to men. So far, this syndrome is not treatable, but thanks to our experiments in the future we will be able to talk about the treatment of such anomalies among people."

The experiment of the chief researcher included a gene change in 200 animals, but only 22 of them survived, the right gene was inserted into 9, and it took root only in one calf, which was safely born with the right gene code.

This year, genetic engineers continue to conduct experiments. With the help of an already grown bull, scientists plan to breed the next generation of calves with an altered gene. According to preliminary data, it should be 75% male and 25% of the same calves as him — with an altered seventeenth chromosome. Van Enennam believes that these will be females by the set of chromosomes, but males by the type of development.

JSC "GPP "Elite" responsibly treats the future offspring of the herd. While making changes to the gene code is a big risk, our team prefers to do what they know how to do professionally, namely, to breed offspring by introducing artificial insemination methods using the seed of the most valuable bulls.

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Natalia Galchenko

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