Innovative technologies in animal husbandry

Innovative technologies in animal husbandry

Round table on “Innovative technologies in animal husbandry” chaired by

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Lenar Garipov,

Held on February 13 as part of the Agro-Industrial Forum of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan,

with great interest of agricultural specialists.

If we bring the common denominator to the speeches, we can draw the following conclusion:

in animal husbandry there is a departure from the interpretation of the farm as a “milk factory” with anonymous

dairy herd, it is increasingly considered as the habitat of the "royal", where

each burenka has its own noble family tree.

General Director of JSC “GPP Elita”: Fannur Zaripov spoke about a huge amount

doses of seed received from the best bulls located here and stored on

enterprise according to all the rules. It is from here that the specialists of most of our

farms seed material for artificial insemination of our Tatarstan cows. That's

grow cows on our farms, which provide the largest in Russia

milk production.

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