Happy Victory Day!

Victory Day

Today is a special day in Russia – Victory Day.

The whole country today remembers and honors those who fought for our future, our freedom, our life.

77 years ago, the Great Patriotic War ended – a terrible, bloody one. It claimed more than 27 million lives – that's how many citizens of the Soviet Union died on the battlefields, under bombing, during the blockade, from hunger and cold, were tortured by fascists in captivity and concentration camps. And we should not and cannot forget these victims, these people.

Victory Day is a truly national holiday. Some fathers fought, some grandfathers and great-grandfathers. But special congratulations today to those who survived those terrible events themselves, who brought this day closer to the front with weapons in their hands, who forged our victory in the rear.

Every year, according to the tradition of JSC GPP "Elite" participate in the Victory Parade.

Today we say thank you to the veterans. Thank you for the Victory! We remember your feat, we are proud of you.

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