Competition of professionals

Competition of professionals

On July 24, Republican professional skill competitions on artificial insemination of large horned livestock and livestock breeders for breeding work were held on the basis of JSC Elita, the leading breeding enterprise. 41 competition of operators on artificial insemination of cattle and 2 breeding specialists and livestock breeding experts opened 41 Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Akhmetov M.G. He congratulated all the participants of the competitions and wished them success. Then the Head of High R.G. Kalimullin. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of the Republic of Tatarstan on livestock breeding N.N. Khazipov, Head of the State Committee of State Agricultural University Zaripov R. U. and General Director of GSP “Elita” Zaripov F. R. also took part in the event.

The contestants competed in knowledge of the theory, practical and laboratory skills. As a result of stubborn competitions, the representative of the Mamadyshsky district from APK A Food Program LLC R.Z. Sirazeev became the absolute winner among operators on artificial insemination of cattle. Khaziev R. R. from SHP North, Arsk District, became the winner in European technology. the place was taken by Tukhbatullin I.I. from Agrofirm Aznakai LLC of Aznakaevsky district, the third place was taken by Valiullin R.A. from Tokarikov AO of Almetyevskiy district. N.M. Kasimov from KFH “Vafaullin A.A.” of Yutazinsky district became the winner in the Kharkov technology, Zuykova T.I. from IP “Nuzhdina” of Bugulminsky region took the second place, Valiullina G.M. from LLC Gigant of the Tukayevsky area.

The winner among the operators on artificial insemination of cattle serving private farms became Khafizova RT from the Yultimerovsky veterinary area of ​​the Sarmanovsky district, second place was taken by Timerbaev I.M. from the Alanovo veterinary area of ​​the Baltasinsky area, the third place was taken by Fazlyev R.M. from GBU RGVO Muslyumovsky district.

In competitions among zootechnicians, breeders distinguished themselves: Galiev N. V. from the Ural agricultural complex, Kukmorsky district, N. N. Khakimullin from the Lenin agricultural complex of the Atninsky district, and Yagudin MR from the Nizhnekamsky district. These competitors were parallel to the knowledge of ultrasound diagnostics of pathology and pregnancy of cows. This competition was won by: I. I. Tukhbatullin from Aznakai Agrofirm LLC, Aznakaevsky District, I. M. Timerbaev from the Alanovo Veterinary Section of the Baltasinsky District, R. Aminov from Dzhukitau LLC, Chistopolsky District.

All recipients of diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, medals and valuable gifts. Congratulations to all on winning the Republican contest.

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