Competition of masters


On May 26, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan again held a regional competition for machine milking masters in the Baltasinsky district. On the same day, a regional competition for operators of artificial insemination of cattle was held. From year to year, these events gather a large number of people wishing to participate. Such contests are of particular value, since they simultaneously motivate people in working professions in agriculture to diligent and responsible work, and form a positive and respectful public attitude towards representatives of such professions and towards work in general.


 The event was attended by the first deputy of the regional executive committee Ilshat Galimullin, the chief livestock technician of JSC "Head breeding enterprise" Elita "Fanil Kabirov, the head and specialists of the agricultural administration of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as livestock specialists of agricultural enterprises.


 The competitions were divided into stages, where each of the participants had the opportunity to express themselves, demonstrating professionalism and knowledge in their field.

The first stage was devoted to the theoretical basis - the participants answered the questions of the judges.

In the second stage, the contestants moved on to practice. Milkmaids competed in the skill of disassembling and assembling the milking machine and milking cows. And later, the technologists for the reproduction of the cattle herd showed their skills in artificial insemination.


The winners were identified at the event: they were Anna Fedorova from Duslyk LLC, who took 1st place among machine milking masters, Ramziya Askhadullina from Yana Tormysh JSC, who took 2nd place, and Raushaniya Gabdrakhmanova from Yakty Yul LLC , which took the honorable 3rd place.

Among the operators of artificial insemination of cattle, the 1st place was taken by Raushan Kalimullin from LLC "Agricultural Production Enterprise" Tatarstan ", the 2nd place was taken by Rimma Kuznitsova from LLC" Trud ", the 3rd place went to Ilfak Falyakhutdinov from LLC" Bornak ".


All participants who took leading positions were awarded valuable prizes and cash prizes.

The team of JSC "GPP" Elita "supported the participants and winners. Representatives of blue-collar occupations are a small link in the mechanism of the agro-industrial complex, without which the entire complex cannot work. Let us all together respect and value the work of the workers. We wouldn't exist without them!

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